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More exploring in Gualán:

Tomato fields

Pacas are everywhere here in Guatemala. They are stores that resell used clothes, toys and other things from America – much like thrift stores.

An electrician strikes a pose for my camera.

A man and his dog

There are a lot of small rivers/streams all around Guatemala that families bathe in, play in, and wash their clothes in.

You can find these little tiendas (stores) on virtually every corner. Some are large enough to walk in, and some of them are just a small window with someone inside. The customer points out the items he or she wants and the single attendant grabs them. These stores sell mostly candies, chips, ice cream & even basic personal care products. I love them!

People live along very old abandoned train tracks that were once very busy.

While in uptown Gualán I pick up some fresh empanadas from this lovely lady. They’re delicious.

It’s incredibly common to see people riding in the beds of trucks. That may have been one of my favorite things about living in Guatemala. I have a lot of great memories sitting in the back of a pickup truck: the wind on my face as I watch everything go by. It might not be safest thing to do – but it’s definitely fun.

A sweet girl waves bye to me.

I explore the town on my grandmas old bike. I used to ride this bike as a little girl and it was so lovely to do so again.

Stay tuned for part 4!

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I explore Gualan for a few days and try to capture everything around me.

A little boy holds a bag of salt as he yells at his friend

The Guatemalan government has provided incredibly modest housing for this small community’s people in need.

This boy’s joy was so contagious. He happily skipped around, waving a stick.

This young girl carries corn on her head: something that is very common in rural Guatemala. The children often do tasks and work to help their family instead of going to school.

Two beautiful girls hold hands and smile at the sight of my camera.

I explore the very busy uptown Gualan.

People prepare very early to sell produce at the mercados (markets).

I get such an amazing feeling from exploring this town. There are all sorts of sounds, smells, and sights that are so different from back home.

Students get out of school at noon.

Stay tuned for Part 3!

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April 7, 2014 - 9:05 pm

Martha - It’s so beautiful and colorful! Guatemala reminds me so much to México. My favorite is the photo of the lady with the ice lolly against the blue wall. Beautiful.